programtitleKagita Mikam offers a variety of programs to aid in employability and entrepreneurship among Aboriginals. Kagita Mikam was one of fifteen aboriginal area management boards in Ontario through the former Pathways to Success initiative since 1991. This program ran until March of 1996 in partnership with Human Resource Development Canada.

Business has changed with variations in eligibility and programs. Additionally our relationship with HRDC was redefined.

As a local delivery mechanism (LDM), we are committed to providing training for our aboriginal clientele that was net employment.

Our primary objective is to provide training and employment services that will get our clients back in the work force. Our success is being monitored based on the number of full time jobs resulting from training, as well as proof that we can generate savings to various income supports.

We focus on the following areas of training and employment strategies:

  • self-employment assistance
  • summer youth initiative
  • stay in school initiative
  • mobility assistance
  • employment assistance support
  • purchase of training
  • aboriginal targeted wage subsidy
  • aboriginal business service network
  • local labour partnership
  • job creation partnership