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Corporate Profile

Kagita Mikam became embodied in 1991 as an Area Management Board, under the Pathways to Success Strategy. This partnership, for the provision of employment and training services to Aboriginal people, took place on a nationwide basis between Canada Employment and Immigration and Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

The relationship has remained intact through transition years, and, in April 1999, the now named Human Resource Development Canada and the First Nations, Inuit and Metis people signed Protocol Accords. These accords are the stepping stones for the signing on a regional basis of Aboriginal Human Resource Development Agreements. These agreements are funded, as this partnership evolves, by Federal funds and the agreements are for five-year intervals.

At present, Kagita Mikam extends employment and training services to all eligible Aboriginal peoples within our catchment area. The catchment area is west from Oshawa and east to Ottawa.


Employment and Training services are provided to members of Curve Lake First Nation, Algonquins of Pikwakanagan (Golden Lake), Hiawatha First Nation, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, and the Mohawks of Wahta First Nation. Although many of our Inuit clients are located in or near the City of Ottawa, Kagita Mikam provides employment and training services to all Inuit in Ontario. Eligible Aboriginal people can reside either on or off the territory since we operate with an inclusiveness to all.



What Does it Mean?

What is the meaning behind the name, Kagita Mikam?  Kagita Mikam means “Path to Wisdom”


We prepare our staff with the ongoing training they require, so that we can offer topnotch help to those Aboriginal people who require employment and training services.

Employment Counsellors are on each of the First Nations previously mentioned.

Additional Employment Counselor Locations can be found on our Clients page.

Counselors are able to assist with employment counseling, resume writing and self-marketing techniques. Counseling will also involve, when needed, career counseling and advice on training requirements